Research Agenda

The Visual Computing Lab at TUM is a group of research enthusiasts pushing the state of the art at the intersection of computer vision, computer graphics, and machine learning. Our research mission is to obtain high-quality digital models of the real world, which include detailed geometry, surface texture, and material in both static and dynamic environments. In our research, we heavily exploit the capabilities of RGB-D and range sensing devices that are now widely available. However, we ultimately aim to achieve both 3D and 4D recordings from monocular sensors - essentially, we want to record holograms with a simple webcam or mobile phone. We further employ our reconstructed models for specific use cases, such as video editing, immersive AR/VR, semantic scene understanding, and many others. Aside from traditional convex and non-convex optimization techniques, we see great potential in modern artificial intelligence, mainly deep learning, in order to achieve these goals.

Keywords: Visual Computing, 3D Vision, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence 3D Reconstruction, Scene Understanding, Semantics, Optimization, GPGPU Programming
Our lab is located at the research campus in Garching. Inside the Faculty of Computer Science, the slide enables both students and visitors to make the journey down from the fourth floor a little quicker than might be expected.