Name: Norman Müller
Position: Ph.D Candidate
Phone: +49-89-289-19595
Room No: 02.13.035


I am PhD Student in the Visual Computing Lab advised by Prof. Matthias Nießner. I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science as well as in Mathematics at RWTH Aachen University. In my current work, I research tracking, segmentation, and completion in dynamic 3D scenes.



Seeing Behind Objects for 3D Multi-Object Tracking in RGB-D Sequences
Norman Müller, Yu-Shiang Wong, Niloy J. Mitra, Angela Dai, Matthias Nießner
CVPR 2021
We introduce a novel method to jointly predict complete geometry and dense correspondences of rigidly moving objects for 3D multi-object tracking on RGB-D sequences. By hallucinating unseen regions of objects, we can obtain additional correspondences between the same instance, thus providing robust tracking even under strong change of appearance.
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