HumanRF: High-Fidelity Neural Radiance Fields for Humans in Motion
    1Synthesia     2University College London     3Technical University of Munich

Representing human performance at high-fidelity is an essential building block in diverse applications, such as film production, computer games or videoconferencing. To close the gap to production-level quality, we introduce HumanRF1, a 4D dynamic neural scene representation that captures full-body appearance in motion from multi-view video input, and enables playback from novel, unseen viewpoints. Our novel representation acts as a dynamic video encoding that captures fine details at high compression rates by factorizing space-time into a temporal matrix-vector decomposition. This allows us to obtain temporally-coherent reconstructions of human actors for long sequences, while representing high-resolution details even in the context of challenging motion. While most research focuses on synthesizing at resolutions of 4MP or lower, we address the challenge of operating at 12MP. To this end, we introduce ActorsHQ, a novel multi-view dataset that provides 12MP footage from 160 cameras for 16 sequences with high-fidelity per frame mesh reconstructions. We demonstrate challenges that emerge from using such high-resolution data and show that our newly-introduced HumanRF effectively leverages this data, making a significant step towards production-level quality novel view synthesis.