Name: Dave Zhenyu Chen
Position: Ph.D Candidate
Phone: +49-89-289-17501
Room No: 02.07.037


Hey there, I'm Dave. I'm a Ph.D. candidate at Visual Computing Lab advised by Prof. Matthias Niessner and Prof. Angel Chang. Before I started as a Ph.D. Candidate, I received my Master's Degree in Informatics at Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich and I did my Master's Thesis at Visual Computing Lab about automatically generating descriptions for 3D objects. Prior to this, I got my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. My research interest is bridging the gap between 3D vision and natural language with the power of deep learning.

Research Interest

3D computer vision, natural language processing, cross-modal deep learning, representation learning



Scan2Cap: Context-aware Dense Captioning in RGB-D Scans
Dave Zhenyu Chen, Ali Gholami, Matthias Nießner, Angel X. Chang
CVPR 2021
We introduce the new task of dense captioning in RGB-D scans with a model that can densely localize objects in a 3D scene and describe them using natural language in a single forward pass.
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ScanRefer: 3D Object Localization in RGB-D Scans using Natural Language
Dave Zhenyu Chen, Angel X. Chang, Matthias Nießner
ECCV 2020
We propose ScanRefer, a method that learns a fused descriptor from 3D object proposals and encoded sentence embeddings, to address the newly introduced task of 3D object localization in RGB-D scans using natural language descriptions. Along with the method we release a large-scale dataset of 51,583 descriptions of 11,046 objects from 800 ScanNet scenes.
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