Parsing Geometry Using Structure-Aware Shape Templates
    1Stanford University     2Technical University of Munich
Proceedings of the International Conference on 3D Vision 2018 (3DV)

Real-life man-made objects often exhibit strong and easily-identifiable structure, as a direct result of their design or their intended functionality. Structure typically appears in the form of individual parts and their arrangement. Knowing about object structure can be an important cue for object recognition and scene understanding - a key goal for various AR and robotics applications. However, commodity RGB-D sensors used in these scenarios only produce raw, unorganized point clouds, without structural information about the captured scene. Moreover, the generated data is commonly partial and susceptible to artifacts and noise, which makes inferring the structure of scanned objects challenging. In this paper, we organize large shape collections into parameterized shape templates to capture the underlying structure of the objects. The templates allow us to transfer the structural information onto new objects and incomplete scans. We employ a deep neural network that matches the partial scan with one of the shape templates, then match and fit it to complete and detailed models from the collection. This allows us to faithfully label its parts and to guide the reconstruction of the scanned object. We showcase the effectiveness of our method by comparing it to other state-of-the-art approaches.